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About Swamisz

SWAMISZ are 'The Flip Without the Flop’! That’s right, they don’t flip flop when you walk!

SWAMISZ are available in 11 cool colors!

The support strap provides steady support to the foot, while stretching to hold the foot comfortably.

The SWAMISZ Toe plug has two significant functions;
1) it triggers a pressure point between the toes which is said to relieve fatigue and enhance concentration, and
2) the toe plug holds the sandal to the wearer’s foot, eliminating the flip flop noise.

SWAMISZ are made of natural rubber, which is sustainably farmed in Southern India where the conditions are fabulous for growing high quality rubber.  To make SWAMISZ' rubber soft, pliable and comfortable a blowing agent is added.

SWAMISZ are packaged in reusable cotton stenciled tote bags & SWAMISZ swing tags are also made of 100% recycled content cardboard.

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